Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Isabelle turns 7

Isabelle turned 7 last month.  We did celebrate it but barely.  I wanted to have a party for her friends but I had to let that go a week or so before, I just didn't have the money or energy for such a thing. (yet another complaint! I am so over myself!)  Then my cousin called to ask if I wanted to combine Isabelle's family party with her daughter's party a week later.  At first I wanted to say no because I wanted to have a party for Isabelle.  I do love throwing parties.  But I quickly realized what a blessing this request was and accepted.  And it was a wonderful combined party.  Good times were had by all.

The big day.  We reached a new stage of Jake's life where he actually went and bought her a gift with is own money AND it was a good gift.  A little dragon pillow pet.  Very exciting.
We gave her almost everything on her list as nothing cost more than $10.  Lots of craft and painting supplies.

John made this lovely cake, she requested angel food, for her birthday.  We did decide to invite my brother's family bowling with us for her birthday but I didn't even think to bring the camera.  They wouldn't let us bring homemade food into the bowling alley (if I had bought the cake we could have eaten it there.) So we drove over to the mall and ate it in the nearly deserted food court after bowling.  There was a table full of couples around our parents age and they were all excited to see us there eating cake for Isabelle's birthday.  One of them came over and gave her a dollar and another a quarter for the candy machines.  I bought $1 Dairy Queen ice cream cones for all the kids and it really turned out to be better than eating it at the bowling alley.

The family party.  Here is the birthday princess on her gift opening throne.

Jake wrestling with his little cousin.  Knowing how much Jake loved when older boys would give him attention, it is a joy to see him play with his cousins.

The birthday girls:  Anaka and Isabelle

Oops there is always something you forget.  Nobody bought candles!  Angie found 4 in her cupboard so Anaka got 2 for being 2 and Isabelle graciously agreed to let 2 candles symbolize 7.

Anaka wasn't quite sure how this blowing thing worked so Isabelle gave her a little help.

Happy Birthday to my sweet and wonderful 7 year old girl!  You are a blessing everyday!

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  1. Happy birthday, Isabelle! You are growing up into such a beautiful little lady. Seven already! So hard to believe! Enjoy every moment of it; it goes by way too quickly. Although I haven't seen you for a long time, I always enjoy reading your mom's posts about you because you're always up to some interesting thing or another. May God richly bless you in this next year, and in the years to come.
    Say hi to your big brother for me. :)