Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dressing up

I have been in closet cleaning mode the past couple weeks.  As I was ruthlessly clearing out one closet I came across the cake topper from our wedding.  This reminded me of the two large boxes in another closet I am afraid of, one with my wedding dress and one with my prom dresses.  Although I don't think I have looked at it since I was married almost 20 years ago somehow I couldn't resist getting out my wedding dress and trying it on again.  Needless to say it didn't fit, apparently my ribs have expanded signficiantly.  I can blame Jake for that right?  I am sure the fact that my butt is also bigger wasn't affecting it at all.

While the dress wasn't quite as flattering on me as remember there was someone here who looked pretty good in it.

The beautiful future bride.

She was so excited to try all the dresses on.  I didn't even bother to try to get into my prom dresses but Isabelle was adorable in those as well. (no photos, sorry.)  I guess this is why you have girls.  I could never have shared this girly moment with my son.  Remembering the excitement of shopping for and wearing the fancy dresses, she loved hearing me tell her about it.  I can't wait to shop for her prom dress and wedding dress someday. 

On the other side, I am hoping Jake invites us to take pictures when he goes to prom.  

Edina is a Senior only prom so while Jake and Jade were not old enough to go, Jade had friends going so they participated in para-prom activities going out to dinner with friends and then attending the after party.  I can't recall what we were doing but somehow I missed the whole thing.  Some days it seems like Jake has entered the raise himself stage, occasionally we have to rein him back in but overall he seems to be doing a fair job of raising himself so we are letting him go along.

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